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Style Inspo : How To Wear a Blue Outfit From Head to Toe

Glamcityz Blue

Blue is a classy color. As long as you’re wearing it right, you’ll never look odd. Our obsession with blue is so strong that we’re wearing it from head to toe — no one can stop us though.

A less vibrant tone than the monochromatic looks of previous seasons, it’s a more accessible take on the full-colored outfits that even the most stylish of girls might have been wary to try before now.

Whether you were inspired by street styles, or styles on the runway, one style trend you’ll find difficult to avoid is color blocking.

By “Color Blocking” we don’t mean, wearing the different bold colors on the same outfit, what we mean here is literally wearing only one color all through. (From your outfit to your accessories etc). Something we call “Monotoning.”

What is Monotoning?

Monotoning simply means wearing one color from head to toe — the new way of color blocking. It’s a simple way of making your easy-to-wear outfit look more classy and cool. Just find a pair of shoes or top you like and start matching it will outfits and accessories having the same color. All you have to do is match, match and match.

Here’s How Can You Wear A Blue Outfit From Head to Toe

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Photo Credit : @the_real_chi

What other colors can you wear your blue outfit with? 

1. Blue and Orange

Fustany fashion style ideas what colors match with blue 101

2. Blue and White

Fustany fashion style ideas what colors match with blue 103

3. Blue and Black

Fustany fashion style ideas what colors match with blue 105

4. Blue and Red

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Fustany fashion style ideas what colors match with blue 106

Photo credit : Fustany



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