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Hair Style

Style Your Hair With Edge Controls Perfectly by Following These 5 Careful Hair Care Steps

Edge control completely alters how you style your hair. You may easily obtain a sleek, polished style with the aid of this adaptable tool. Edge control may help you create a range of looks regardless of whether you have curly, straight, or natural hair. Here are some pointers for flawless edge control in hair styling.

1. Begin with tidy hair

Make sure your hair is clean and free of any products before applying edge control. As per usual, wash and condition your hair, then gently towel dry it. A leave-in conditioner can also be used to moisturize and entangle your hair.

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photo: @shadesofmelaninhair | Instagram

2. Exercise Edge Control

Apply a small amount of edge control with a small brush or your fingertips to your edges. Work your way backward from the front of your hairline. To help smooth your hair and give it the desired shape, you can also use an edge brush or toothbrush.

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3. Smoothen and shape

Your hair should be combed or brushed to the desired shape. You can style your hair into waves or curls to provide some texture or a neat, straight appearance. Try out various looks to figure out what suits your facial shape and hair type the best.

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4. Heat the setting

You can set your edges with a flat iron or hair dryer to assist your hair stay in place. Use a heat protectant first and use a low to medium heat setting to prevent harming your hair. To put your edges in place, briefly hold a flat iron or hair dryer over them.

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5. Lastly, use hairspray

Use a hairspray to assist keep your edges in place once you’ve styled them to your taste. Seek a mixture that won’t weigh down your hair and is light and non-sticky. Apply a little quantity to your edges and smooth any flyaways using a brush or your fingers.

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photo: @avedasalonandspa | Instagram

You can obtain a precisely designed look with edge control by using these suggestions. Always start with clean hair, distribute the product evenly, then style your hair with a brush or comb. You can develop a variety of styles that seem polished and professional with a little effort.

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