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Theophilus Sunday and Beautiful Bride Ashlee Surpirse Netizens With Yet Another Beathtaking Couple Shot

Gospel Singer and spiritual music Chanter, Theophilus Sunday, and his real estate expert bride Ashlee have been at the forefront of bridal bliss and wishes for a long time now, following the popular song of this gospel sensation whose lyrics went “There is no glory in this world” and yet, he surprises netizens with wedding shots, which was originally presumed to be Pre-wedding shots.

Ever since the news, the internet has been agog with excitement and suspense as to know what the backstory of the couple stands to be. another triggering feature of the moment is the unbelievably beautiful bride who stood side by side in nuptial excitement with her king.

Since then, it has always been “Couple shots” that take your breath away. Let us see what new and beautiful this couple has for us



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