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Tolanibaj Shares Tips For Men on How to Get Women in 2023


Reality TV star Tolani Baj has shared tips with men on how to get a woman’s attention and stand out from the “toaster list” in 2023.

The TV Star shared her idea on Twitter, where she said that if a man likes a lady, he should send her money.

She maintained that sending a lady money is the easiest way to stand out from other men who are trying to get her attention in her social media DMs.

To her, this is a wake-up call for men, as this is 2023, and men should stop wondering why a lady isn’t responding to them if they aren’t giving money.

“If you like a babe, send her gifts and send her money. Simple. This is the easiest way to stand out from the rest of the men in her dms. Stop wondering why she isn’t showing any interest. It’s 2023. Wake up [sic.]” She tweeted

This opinion, however, has generated mixed reactions from social media users, with many criticising the reality star and others wondering when a relationship or admiration turned into a way to get out of poverty.

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