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Veronica’s Bridal Look was Breathtakingly Beautiful! Here’s how Valerie Lawson Did It

Editor‘s Note: Hey guys, we are super excited about this week’s bridal beauty deep-dive. We are going deep into the behind-the-scenes of creating this flawless on Veronica for her wedding. This feature is from a talented Ghana-based Makeup Artist, Valerie Lawson. She will be sharing with us the tricks, hacks, and secrets behind this glam. Enjoy and see you in the comment section. Before then, you can catch up with other features here.

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Before the Wedding

The stunning Veronica’s look is naturally captivating so of course, I had to play on that and go for a clean yet sultry look. Veronica has gorgeous features and she does her own makeup beautifully so the challenge was on. At the trial, she expressed her concerns before her trial – no huge brows, no obvious concealer under her eyes.etc. After the trial, she gave feedback about how long it lasted and where she had oily spots so I took note and with enough feedback, I was ready and well equipped for her big day.

On the Wedding

She was such a gracious bride, surrounded by family and smiling at the mention of her husband’s name. She has close to perfect skin so the application was easy with these products and tools. I moisturized with Embryolisse lait creme and the Giorgio Armani skin defense primer. This acted as a perfect base for her skin. From her trial, we noticed she had oily spots so we went over those spots with the Becca Primer.

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Makeup Process

Her brows were filled in using the Beautyline by Didi eyebrow pencil, and brow bone was highlighted with Nars Radient concealer in Ginger with the new CVL beauty Pro angled brush. Then her eyelid was primed with Plouise Base shade 3. The eye shadow palette used is a new favorite cream textured eye shadow from the Ghanaian brand, Zeebeauty cosmetics. I used the Mink Lashes from @goddessbeauty_gh to complete her sultry look. Then the final trick to open up her eyes was to line and smudge her bottom waterline using the @soaesthetics black gel waterproof eyeliner pencil with a pink and brown shade from the eye palette used previously and lightly line her top lid with the SOaesthetics liquid liner.

veronica bellanaija weddings 3

Now let’s talk about her skin:

I used my go-to NARS radiant long-wear foundation with the CVL BEAUTY J1 foundation brush to buff in the foundation evenly on her skin. And then to highlight, I used the Zaron liquid concealer in medium which has a hint of yellow to emphasis her beautiful yellow undertones. The next step was to softly create well blended in highlights and warmth with my Dinair airbrush machine using warm tones to contour and create the illusion of a lift that compliments her high bun and lighter tones to emphasize highlighted areas. I went in over the warm areas with sun power, highlighted some areas with Medium Golden and her overall skin with Dark. I also used the balm Blush in down boy using the CVL BEAUTY powder brush. This lightly feathers in and blends in the tones to creat1e a beautiful blend.

veronica bellanaija weddings 2

To highlight, I went in with the INGLOT sparkling in no1, on the highest point of her cheeks and strobed with INGLOT sparkling dust 03 using the CVL strobe and dust brush to give her a beautiful natural glow. On her lips, she was adamant she wanted brown nudes. I showed her most of my soft pinks and peach tones which are brides go to tones but she was not having it. We finally found the brown tone she loved, so to line her lips, I used MAC chestnut lip liner, with flesh stone retro matte liquid lipstick and glossed with Zeebeauty clear gloss. This gloss stays put, is not runny but at the same time is not a sticky formula. I gave her the mirror and she said perfect.

When I am done with a bride’s makeup, I look out for feedback from 3 key people; the bride, the photographer, and her husband. In this case, all three were happy and I couldn’t be happier. God bless her new home! Happy bride, happy artist! You can check out @mzl4wson on Instagram.


Bride: @mz_veron
Makeup: @mzl4wson
Hair: @revupsalongh
Photography: @focusnblur

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