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A Waste of Time! Was Chief Daddy 2 Necessary at all?

“Chief Daddy 2: Going For Broke” broke and shattered our hearts. We just hope it’s a very early April Fool.

Everyone made their new year resolution for 2022 but watching a boring and senseless movie wasn’t part of the plan. Okay, before we start to talk about how Chief Daddy 2 is pointless and unnecessary, here’s a breakdown on what you need to know about Chief Daddy 2.

Movie Title: Chief Daddy: Going for Broke

Running Time: 1hr 53 minutes

Date released: January 1, 2022

Producer: Mo Abudu

Director: Niyi Akinmolayan

Lead cast: Shaffy Bello, Funke Akindele-Bello, Joke Silva, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Rahama Sadau, Mawuli Gavor, Beverly Naya, Falz, Linda Ejiofor, Beverly Osu, Ini Edo, Broda Shaggy, Uzor Arukwe, Zainab Balogun, Rachel Oniga, Nedu Wazobia and Chigul.

Writers : Mo Abudu, Bode Asiyanbi, Hiedi Uys, and Salah Sabiti.


Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke’ picks up from the post-funeral life of the Beecroft Family, with Laila, an embittered daughter of Chief Daddy’s, surfacing from nowhere and rendering the entire family broke.

Having successfully organised Chief Daddy’s highly tasking funeral, the divided Beecroft family couldn’t wait to grab their share of his inheritance.

Well, so they thought, not until Laila’s arrival. Laila, who was introduced at the later part of ‘Chief Daddy’ 1, is one of the daughters from Chief daddy’s numerous escapades.

Her return didn’t spell good for the Beecrofts because she surfaced at that moment when they were ready to fist on her late dad’s long-anticipated inheritances….

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Okay let’s stop the plot there.

A Waste of Time! Was Chief Daddy 2 Necessary at all?

When Chief Daddy 1 was released in 2018, it was funny and interesting, though not perfect but it was fun to watch. Fast forward to 2022, in fact 1st of January 2022, aka first day of the year and they had to release this.

Chief Daddy 2 was a complete waste of time and was pointless. I had to wait after the end of the show just incase there will be a refund. The energy and excitement of the movie was not there.

It is an EbonyLife film and we expected more but it had no storyline as the sequel is no match for Chief Daddy 1.

The sub-storylines were too many, and some seemed unnecessary. In all honesty, having to sit through to the end was torture and boring.

Though the movie is disappointing, but we can’t neglect the production. It was great, beautiful costumes, filled with veteran actors and a commendable show of luxury.

Chief Daddy 2 was just like a football team with all the star players and kept on losing. The film has pro actors but felt like it was written by a university fresher or an Abba Nollywood writer.

It was as if the producers were in a hurry to release a sequel that they totally forgot what the movie was about.

For instance, why did Ireti and Dami Baggio all of sudden dropped their kind and good nature? We weren’t told how Tinu and Teni ended up having a joint business with Nike Williams and neither did we get any clarity on their love triangle with the lawyer. Ini Edo, Nkem Owoh and Patience Ozokwor were almost non-existent in this sequel.

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Honestly, Chief Daddy 2 was unnecessary and shouldn’t have been released on the first day of 2022. Nigerians deserves an apology for the waste of time.




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