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We’ve Found Fleabag’s Notorious Jumpsuit – And It Just Expenses £38

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<span class=”mh-dropcap”>P</span>hoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag is, without a doubt, nothing short of a masterpiece – and the second season, which came to a close this week, has had a huge impact on viewers.

M&S saw a mammoth spike in canned G&T sales after Fleabag and Andrew Scott’s hot priest started chugging them in the sacristy. And viewers took to Google to ask some very important questions about Catholicism after Scott’s debut, too. Namely, “Can priests have sex?” – which saw a weekly spike in searches since 15 March – and “Can priests get married?”, a search which Google Trends recently noted was up 170% in the UK.

The most iconic moment, though, came in the second series premiere. Fleabag was, true to form, cleaning blood from her face in the ladies’ loo of a smart London restaurant, with nary an air of concern. However, despite this obviously being the “WTF” opener, everyone’s attention was on what Fleabag was wearing as she scrubbed at her face with a wad of tissues.

As Stylist’s entertainment director (and avid Fleabag fan) Helen Bownass mused at the time: “That backless jumpsuit Fleabag is wearing is so great. Could I wear it without a bra?”

It was a practical query, but a seemingly redundant one, as nobody seemed able to track down Fleabag’s oh-so-chic evening jumpsuit. Oh, sure, Google showed up a surplus of black jumpsuits – and many of them were stylish AF. However, we couldn’t find one that ticked off all the same boxes as what we’d come to think of as THE Fleabag jumpsuit: think a black backless number, with a daringly deep neckline, clean lines and long wide-legged trousers.

We were forced to admit defeat: the fashion trail had gone cold. But then an email landed in our inbox, containing all of the answers we’d been searching for…

After reading one of Stylist’s many, many Fleabag articles, a viewer helpfully decided to get in touch and let us know that they’d unwittingly stumbled across the jumpsuit of our dreams during an online shopping trawl.

“I’ve just read your article about Fleabag and I thought you’d like to know that her jumpsuit is available on Silk Fred,” she wrote. “I don’t actually work for Silk Fred, but I thought you’d like to know.”

Our helpful guardian angel of TV fashion added: “This has to be shared!

The classic wide leg halter neck jumpsuit, which features a keyhole at the front and open back, is designed by LOVE, a small, family run business in London, and costs just £38. And it is exactly the same one worn by Waller-Bridge in the hit dark comedy series, too.

Don’t believe us? Check it out:


Fleabag jumpsuit – where to buy
A spokesperson for LOVE told us: “Being featured on Stylist makes a huge difference to small brands such as ourselves. The jumpsuit is now almost sold out on and we have already started producing more!

“We have concessions in Topshop stores, one of them being Oxford Circus, which is where we believe the original Fleabag jumpsuit came from.”

There is, of course, one problem: the Fleabag jumpsuit is currently only available in sizes 8 to 14, which makes this shopping experience more than a little restrictive.

However, LOVE has assured Stylist that, based on our suggestion they make their range more inclusive, they are now “working on size 16”.

Source : Stylist UK

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