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Why Guys Find It Difficult To Get Themselves A Girlfriend

As we grow up we tend to start crushing on pretty girls around us. Have you ever noticed that some guys seem to have no “wahala” in getting a girlfriend, while some of us remain single for a long time, sometimes it might even reach up to a year?

pexels photo 3101548

When a guy finds it hard to get a girlfriend, he starts to believe that the reason ladies are not attracted to him is that he is not tall enough, he is not that handsome, he is not okay financially or maybe girls think he can’t take care of them and many more reasons you might think of.

But that question still stands, why do the good guys not get the girls?

Okay, the thing is, if you are not meeting single ladies you won’t get a girlfriend, most of these guys get attracted to girls with a boyfriend and they will try to get them to break up with their partner then they will slide in like okra soup holding on to hot eba.

Some are not that social, while some don’t have the right words to get a lady. But if you don’t summon the courage or take that risk to meet a girl you don’t know, how will you get yourself a girlfriend?

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Well, every guy will say “Naija girls too dey form” but if you don’t try how will you know?

How about you? Are you approaching and meeting women that you find attractive? Have you seen beautiful ladies that you would’ve spoken to, but you just didn’t dare to walk up and say hi, how are you?

A lot of guys still have that mentality that if they look cool, for example wearing expensive clothes, using an iPhone and the rest, girls will start to trip for them like crazy then they will certainly give you green light. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is not true. Most ladies prefer to wait for a guy with courage than a guy who is scared because he might be rejected.

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Most guys feel when they act as a “hard guy” ladies will fall for them.

Well, as long as it depends on respect, there is nothing wrong with being friendly or nice to a girl /lady. But if you want a girl to have that desire to be your girlfriend then you must focus on making her feel deeply attracted to you. She should be able to see you as someone who will be capable of taking care of her.

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The moment you can give her reasons to see that you’re capable, she will eventually start to give in. If you’re not able to let her see the reasons, she will only see you as a friend and not as a boyfriend.

Of course, the more that a guy likes a girl and wants to make her his girlfriend, the more likely it is that he’s going to behave in a way that leads to her not wanting to be anything other than “just friends.”

For instance, wanting to be liked can lead to trying way too hard to please. A guy who is desperate to be liked by a girl/lady will often make himself available to her all the time. You will see him calling her, texting her, liking her post the moment she uploads a picture on Instagram, even though those pictures are ugly to him it will be beautiful like crazy.

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Moreover, a lady won’t just date any guy, she will want to date a guy who is ready for any challenge she sets up.

So that’s it! In a summary don’t be scared of a girl, summon up that courage and walk up to her. Ladies love guys who are confident and not the nervous type.

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