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10 Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas to Capture Your Love & Excitement Before the Wedding Day

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Love is beautiful, and when you find that one person who rocks your world and is happy to spend the rest of their life with you, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Pre-wedding shoots have become popular over the years and it is essential to have one before your big day. Some people may see pre-wedding shoots as frivolous and a waste of time, but there are certain advantages of a pre-wedding shoot. 

Pre-wedding shoots help most people to know how good their wedding photographer would be when the big day finally comes, and they get to feel more comfortable with their photographer. You also get to bond with your partner during a pre-wedding photoshoot because most couples don’t take photo shoots in the course of their relationship and this will prepare you for your big day and get you comfortable with the camera.

Pictures from your pre-wedding photo shoot can be used in your invitation cards, your flex banner for the wedding day, and your souvenirs, and to show family and friends your love when you’re ready to announce your wedding by posting them on your social media pages. Basically, there’s no wedding complete without a pre-wedding shoot. 

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot gives you and your partner a beautiful memory to hold all your lives. You get to look at these photos and remember when you decided to take a bold step for your future and happiness, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your favourite pre-wedding photos framed and kept anywhere you fancy around your new home. 

Below are 10 pre-wedding photoshoot ideas you can replicate for yours. You can get inspiration on what you and your partner would wear, the hairstyles, the makeup, and the poses. 

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Scroll down and enjoy the view. 

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Photo: @ayo_d3 | Instagram
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Photo: @prewedding_gallery | Instagram
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Photo: @skyneatphotography | Instagram
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Photo: @akintayotimi | Instagram
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Photo: @felixcrown | Instagram
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Photo: @prewedding_gallery | Instagram
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Photo: @prewedding_trends | Instagram
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Photo: @prewedding_gallery | Instagram
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