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5 Ways to Wear Baggy Trousers

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The era of skinny jeans/trousers is over. But, no one is stopping you from wearing it. (But honestly, do you need to wear skinny jeans? ok, let me mind my business).

Rocking baggy jeans do not apply to the male gender only, it also applies to the females too. The 90’s-inspired style is so cool, effortless and easy to rock.

For beginners, the baggy trouser trend features a looser silhouette that gives comfort and ease.

This trend is suitable for all seasons and it is even mum-friendly. (Remember when your mum will scream at you for wearing tight trousers? Who’d say no to baggy trousers).

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Many of us have taken note of the style and yet we feel shy when it comes to trying it out and wearing it out. One notable person who wears Baggy often is Burna Boy, and he rocks it so well. You don’t need to be shy as it is a popular trend now.

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5 ways to wear Baggy trousers/jeans

1. Don’t rush yourself

If you are just trying the trend and you are not yet comfortable with it, don’t go for a really baggy trousers. You can start with one that isn’t too big and when you start to get comfortable with it, you can go for a bigger size.

2. Pick what fits you

There are different types and different designs and patterns when it comes to baggy trousers, experiment with different types and choose the one that fits your type of style and the one you feel comfortable with.

Men Jeans Loose Straight Baggy Jeans TrousersNGN 4,801

Casual Women’s Baggy Trousers Solid Drawstring Low Waist – NGN 4,485

3. Wearing the trousers right

Depending on the size, trousers or your height, the high-rise waist of the trouser should stay on your belly button or just above it and any midway rips of the trouser should align with your knee. Wearing It right will help you avoid looking like you’re drowning in fabric. You want to avoid overwhelming your figure with excess fabric.

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4. Wear it with sneakers

While you can wear baggy with any shoes or heels of your choice, baggy trousers are more stylish when worn with sneakers. So if you want to boost your look, you should consider wearing it with sneakers.

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Black and White Plaid baggy pants – NGN 2,043

5. Avoid wearing fitted/tight tops

Baggy styling is all about balance. If you are wearing a baggy with a fitted shirt, you are committing fashion treason. If you are wearing baggy trousers you can go for oversized shirts or a shirt that is not too big and too fitted.

Vintage streetwear baggy trouser – NGN 6,603

Quick tips:

  1. Keep in mind that baggy trousers may not be appropriate in some settings. For example, wearing baggy trousers to the office. Also, keep in mind the environment of whatever event you are attending.
  2. There are baggy pants that can be worn to work but they must be done tastefully and carefully.
  3. Style your baggy with jackets or blazers to look more stylish.
  4. Try to align the ripped part of the trouser to your knee
  5. You don’t need to rush yourself into baggy styling. Start with less baggy trousers.
  6. Baggy trouser styling does not go out of style. You can be rest assured that you will wear those outfits for quite a time.
  7. Not everyone will like your outfit. But because they don’t like it, doesn’t make it inappropriate. With trials and errors, you’ll definitely find what fits you.
  8. Don’t forget to take photos. Show them pepper with your fashion statement.

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