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7 Superb Styling Inspirations for Rocking Your Boyfriend Jeans with Confidence

Boyfriend jeans have taken over the jean game in the fashion industry and are most popular because of their comfort. 

They are a relaxed, slouchy fit and are meant to look like they’ve been borrowed from a boyfriend’s closet while also creating a superior fashion aesthetic. In addition to any wardrobe, they create a not-too-glammy look but rather they create a unique presence.

However, styling boyfriend jeans can be a bit tricky but a keen detail for style can do quite well without many qualms. Here are some tips to help you stylishly slay boyfriend jeans.

Create Balance

Boyfriend jeans tend to be loose and baggy and often I’ll fit if not worn well, so balance out the volume with a more fitted top. A tucked-in blouse or a cropped top will help create balance, keep you super stylish, and keep you from looking too frumpy.

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photo: @my_jeans_spotz | Instagram

Dress Them Up

Boyfriend jeans can be dressed up for a night out with the right accessories. However, this requires a great sense of style and confidence as you’re stepping into an event with most people wearing well-fitted and body-con clothes. So make sure you pair them with the most ideal accessories and clothes. You can pair them with heels, a silk blouse, and a statement clutch for a chic and sophisticated look.

Boyfriend Jeans
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Keep it Simple

Sometimes less is more and boyfriend jeans make it no truer. Opt for a simple t-shirt, sneakers, and minimal accessories for a casual yet stylish look. In as much as boyfriend jeans serve both a chic and simple look, going simple would never hurt.

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Photo: @35jeans_id | Instagram

Explore Color Pops

Boyfriend jeans tend to be neutral in color in most instances, so add a pop of color with bright top or bold accessories. This will help add interest to your outfit and make it more eye-catching.

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Photo: @sumo_panchal | Instagram

Roll Up the Cuffs

Rolling up the cuffs of your boyfriend jeans can add a touch of casual cool to your outfit. Just make sure the length is flattering on you and doesn’t cut you off at an awkward spot.

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Photo: @35jeans_id | Instagram

Try Different Styles

Boyfriend jeans come in a variety of styles, from distressed to cuffed to high-waisted. These styles can also come in different shades which you should choose to explore to keep your boyfriend jeans collection in the top place. Experiment with these different styles to find what works best for you and your body type.

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Photo: @35jeans_id | Instagram

Try Layering

 Layering is key to making a statement with boyfriend jeans. This is a rare talent as it requires one to know which layer of cloth should be above or below the other. Try layering a denim jacket or blazer over a simple t-shirt or blouse for a chic and casual look.

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Photo: @grow.with.ruya | Instagram

Boyfriend jeans can be styled in many ways, from casual, and classy to dressy. This is a very tricky one to effortlessly pull off but with the right accessories and attention to detail, you can create a look that is both comfortable and stylish. Remember to experiment with different styles, colours, and materials, and have fun with your outfit!

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