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Are BBNaija Diane and Elozonam Back in a Relationship?

Get ready for another twist from the Big Brother Naija stars, where surprises are as common as 5&6! Diane and Elozonam are the latest duo to keep us guessing.

A recent lovey-dovey photo of them has surfaced online, sparking a frenzy of speculation. Are we witnessing the long-awaited reunion of the duo, our favourite BBNaija besties? Could this be more than just friendship blooming on set? Or perhaps, it’s a sneak peek into a professional collaboration, like a movie in the making?

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Are BBNaija Diane and Elozonam Back in a Relationship?

The suspense is palpable, fueling endless theories across the internet. But one thing’s for sure: the undeniable chemistry between Elozonam and Diane is reignited, stronger than ever before.

We also get to see some cute video of them together.



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