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Are Disney Villain Costumes The Latest Trends Worn by Celebrities?

You’ve heard “not all heroes wear capes,” but you’ve probably never heard “not all angels have wings,” some wear black, have horns, and ate superstars.

Well, we have seen in years gone by, how people tend to reenact the looks of some of their favourite film and TV characters to events, in most cases the good guy (nobody really wants to be the bad guy until Halloween). Well, times are changing and we see both celebrities and regular people dressing up as the evil Disney villain.

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The evil powers, the dark and dramatic clothes, threats, and villainous arrogance towards other characters often have fans fascinated with villains in movies even though they would not wish to be on their side. The dark side is on the rise and stars of Hollywood are championing it.

Some of our favourite celebrities have hit the red carpet donning bad-guy costumes and it can not be denied that they make you want to wear them also. Let’s take a look at how sike stars stepped out looking like Disney villains.

Kylie Jenner


In November 2022, the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister and beauty product tycoon stepped out at the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime exhibition in New York looking like Susan Sarandon from Enchanted. Kylie Jenner had on a black strapless gown, above-elbow-length black gloves, and a headdress that the evil Disney Queens would have been.

Angelina Jolie

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The Mega Agency

In 2019 Jolie attended the premiere of Maleficent while putting on a simple, black, free-flowing gown looking like a princess at first glance then when you look even better you see a scorpion design on it. This gives makes you see the dressing in a whole new way as it becomes instantaneously evil.

In 2020 when this particular photo was taken in LA, Jolie had on a long-sleeved navy blue Gabriela Hearst dress that had pleats, and although it looked like something you would ordinarily were in fall and not in summer, while it feels like more of a fall staple than a summer one, the dark colours gave off Disney villain vibes, makes you think whether Angelina Jolie was channelling her inner Maleficent character.

Mindy Kaling

mindykaling 20230301 0001
Mindykaling | Instagram

Sex Life Of College Girls actor, Mindy Kaling is known by style police to be one person who is able to pull off vibrant colours like Lilac, neon green, Barbie pink, etc. and not get bashed for it. Recently, however, she seems to have gotten fully into her Disney villain era and the internet is loving it.

She posted up on Instagram in this beautiful black and red dress and captioned it “Cruella de vil walked so this dress could run.” and the fans loved it. Going through Mindy Kaling’s page you would discover a theme of Disney Villains she has been living up to.




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