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Ayra Starr is Stepping High as She Rocks the Viral & Stylish “Astro Boy Boots”

Ayra Starr kept it red and hot as she rocks a red “Astro Boy Boot.”

Since MSCHF released its Astro Boy Boots, it has been making waves through our socials and we’ve spotted celebrities wearing them.

Ayra Starr astro boots

Rapper Lil Wayne was also been spotted rocking the MSCHF boots at a New York Fashion Week show.

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Photo: @holdthegrail via Instagram

In a new post on Instagram, Mavin Records singer Ayra Starr posted a series of photos of herself rocking the stylish big “Astro Boy Boots.”

Ayra is known for making fashion statements and this is not coming as a surprise to us as she always makes every style moment count. So, it’s safe for us to say she slayed!

See photos of Ayra Starr rocking the Astro Boots.

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Ayra Starr is Stepping High as She Rocks the Viral & Stylish "Astro Boy Boots"
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