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First-Ever Q&A Session: Beverly Naya Answers Questions on Lifestyle, Fashion, And Personal Growth

This Q and A session will highlight key points from actress Beverly, including her natural hair care routine, views on relationships, and career aspirations. Beverly’s emphasis on authenticity, self-care, and faith will be central themes in the video.

Beverly Naya is a Nigerian-British actress, who relocated to Nigeria in 2011 before spending more time in America pursuing her aspirations. And so far, it is safe to say that she already is a top actress. In this session, she talks about her natural hair care regimen, stressing hydration and the use of oils like shea and coconut oil.

Discussing matters of the heart, she values understanding, cherishing, and respect from a partner. Beverly Naya contrasts her childhood aspirations with her current entrepreneurial goals beyond acting. She recounts a traumatic incident during a film shoot where she lost half a tooth, highlighting production’s prioritization over her well-being. So in this Q and A session, Beverly shares insights on lifestyle, fashion, and personal growth, underscoring authenticity, self-care, and trust in divine plans.



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