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Discover the Secret to Beautiful Skin: Onyinyechi Anozie Shares Her Nighttime Skincare Routine | Watch

Throughout the day, the skin gets exposed to a lot of things like pollution, dirt, oil, and the sun. These things get to the skin and clog the skin and this will definitely result in skin issues. Nobody loves skin issues.

Nighttime is the only time your skin gets to rest and breathe, especially for people who are always on makeup throughout the day. 

Having a skincare routine will definitely help your skin unclog, rejuvenate and repair. A nighttime skincare routine is supposed to hydrate and cleanse your skin, remove impurities and keep your skin clean and fresh. And it’s believed that the skin gets to absorb nutrients better at night, which makes it important to use good quality and nourishing skincare products.

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Below is a video of IAMYEYCHI giving tips on nighttime skincare routines to follow in order to achieve beautiful and healthy skin. 

Watch the video below:

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