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Elevate Your Fashion Game with Yetunde Gold’s Captivating Wardrobe Picks!”

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Fashion is expressive in many ways. The way you feel about yourself oftentimes is shown through your dressing and there lies your power of expression. While some leverage this opportunity, some let it lie idle but our fashion inspiration this Wednesday morning knows exactly what to do with what.

Yetunde Gold
Photo: yetunde_gold | Instagram

From the faintest ornament to the boldest accessory Gold knows how to select matching colors, standard patterns, sizes, and fits, and attires that match the occasion. Olasimbo Aminat, who we also know as Yetunde Gold is a climate justice advocate, Technocrat, and Diplomat whose fashion sense constantly draws our attention to her page.

We see no reason why we shouldn’t raid Yetunde’s wardrobe to steal some style inspirations that will last the whole week. Get your notepads ready because the cost of the fashion items starts from this place, Let’s go !!

Yetunde’s Closet




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