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Explore A Productive Weekly Life “With Through Fisayo’s Eyes” In New Vlog

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Join Fisayo In “Through Fiyayo’s Eyes” in a “day-in-life” video content of a very productive week, living in Abuja. this comes with all the excitement, all the work to get done, and all the shouts screams, and Gen Z vibes upon vibes.

Join Fisayo as she explores various aspects of her life from shopping, going for dinner, and becoming a master chef at 4:44 a.m., to a very glammed-up night. the vlog also did not end without going out with the boys on a hot afternoon and experiencing “not in the mood for a vlog” syndrome.

the comment section is filled and brimmed with the best of commentaries urging and gushing over the video, you can use this to chill after work, over a nice wrap of busy traffic Suya, and also get inspiration on how to incorporate some activities in in this Vlog your own routine.

Watch Here:



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