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Big Brother Naija

Here’s a Highlight Of What You Missed On Ka3na’s Banter With Lucy, Kaisha, Tochi & Others

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The sixth episode of the Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown‘ Reunion show took another turn as Ka3na spoke about how she unfollowed most of the housemates and what went wrong with her friendship with Lucy even after she was always there for her and how she saw her as a sister.

Concerning Ka3na’s friendship with Lucy, she revealed that Lucy wasn’t committed to their friendship and she doesn’t like frienemies.

She went on to talk about all the moment they shared in and out of the house and the sacrifices she made just for their friendship. She added that it’s not about her having issues with anyone in the house. “It’s about you not talking to me,” she said, crying.

I was in your house every day…. you mentioned commitment, are we married though?” Lucy insisted they were friends.

Revealing that they were cool and suddenly she got tags on social media that Ka3na has pressed the unfollow button. She said she texted Ka3na to confirm what happened and why Ka3na unfollowed her and Ka3na said she was not a loyal friend.

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Ka3na thought Lucy had Issues with Nengi but went ahead to settle the issue after leaving the house without her knowing, even though she (Ka3na) also had issues with Nengi. Lucy disagreed, saying she had settled her issues with Nengi in the House and they’ve been cool since then.

Ka3na asked Lucy if she didn’t know about her issues with Vee and Lucy said she wasn’t aware of their issues. Adding, that it was difficult for her to keep track of people she was having issues with because she had issues with almost all the housemate. In her words, “Moreover you had issues with almost all the housemates. It’s difficult to keep track.”

Concerning Ka3na Unfollowing Most Housemate.

Ka3na said she unfollowed Big Brother Naija Lockdown winner, Laycon because she felt ‘he didn’t care’ about her.

Right from the house, they had a relationship where she called him “son” and he called her “mom”. She continued that relationship outside the house but fans kept insisting she should stop.

She said she reached out to Laycon to let his fans know that he was cool with it but Laycon didn’t do anything about it. So, she unfollowed him.

Laycon defended himself as he said he did not see her comment because of the huge amounts of comments he gets on a daily. He later apologised to Ka3na, insisting that it was not his intention to ignore her comments.

Kaisha and Lucy Going Physical

Kaisha said she unfollowed Ka3na because she disrespected her mum, someone who was a big fan of Ka3na —after her mum said she will like to take pictures with her at a party and Ka3na asked her mum to come to her to take pictures.

Ka3na defended herself as she insisted that she heard ‘manager‘ not ‘mum.’ Lucy backed Ka3na up as she said that’s what she told her.

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Kaisha insists Ka3na is lying because she knows her sister told Ka3na it was her ‘mum‘ and her sister won’t lie to her.

Then there’s a story about Kaisha walking up to Ka3na and pushing her forehead because of the issue.

Later, Kaisha said she doesn’t want them to talk about her mum anymore and they should change the topic.

Lucy wanted to defend herself because the story put her in a bad light, even though Tochi and Praise try to tell her to let it go. “No more mums this is a reunion,” Tochi said

Lucy then pointed to Kaisha and asked if it was about the “fruit thing”. Kaisha insisted Lucy should stop talking. Lucy said she’s not talking about her mum but fruits. “Or is your mum a fruit?”… She said. Kaisha threw a pillow at her and immediately, Lucy went ‘John Cena‘ on her. Next thing we saw, was Lucy walking out of the studio with her wig in her hand.

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Here's a Highlight Of What You Missed On Ka3na's Banter With Lucy, Kaisha, Tochi & Others

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Ka3na and Tochi

Still, on the back and forth between Tochi and Ka3na, he feels she is trouble and was trouble to virtually everyone in the house. Kiddwaya chips in: “Not me”.

Tochi said he had issues with Ka3na going on Twitter to justify why she unfollowed the housemates because they had all attended Nengi‘s birthday party. “Nobody cares about you,” he says. Kiddwaya chips in again: “I do

Oh baby you care” Ka3na said and immediately Tochi said,who’s your baby?”

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