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How To Cook One Of The Most Popular Indigenous Dishes In Nigeria “Banga Soup”

Ify’s kitchen came to us prepared as she taught us how to make the most delicious banga seafood soup which is a delicacy to always watch out for. Banga soups which is also known as Ofe Akwu is a Nigerian dish made from Palm fruit extracts and is more known as a preference in the eastern parts of the east. The soup is typically prepared with various ingredients like assorted meats (such as beef, fish, or goat meat), spices, and vegetables like bitter leaf or Ugu leaves (Pumpkin). 

Well for today, we’ll be focusing on the seafood version and hope the mix of the tasteful fish flavour with the rich, nutty flavour of the palm fruit gives the most welcoming taste to our platter.

So without further delay, see you on the other side of “Savory Flavor”

Watch YouTube Below:

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