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Meet Eguanimkwu Benjamin, the Empowered Founder of GlamCityz Who’s Redefining Fashion

Photographed by @izzylenzphotography

Meet the founder and the man behind the magic at GlamCityz – Eguanimkwu Benjamin! Hailing from Delta state, Nigeria, he’s the ultimate fashion fanatic who goes by the nickname ‘Ben Orange’.

Obsessed with all things fashion and beauty, he’s the driving force behind our trend-setting content.

Photographed by @izzylenzphotography

How did it start?

Visiting your friends is a normal thing as a child, running helter-skelter, playing in the rain and other things that kept us busy was major, as we don’t even bother what’s going on around us. Unlike now, there was no time for TV, your entertainment was outside (the street before/after yours). Well, once you have the opportunity to sit in front of a TV, mehn! there is no leaving, you’ll watch all cartoons “watchable,” till your dad comes in and change the station just for news. Urgh!! 😩

It is amazing how movies make you lose track of time and how you don’t even feel bothered because what you’re watching is interesting and funny.

Even with the hard times in this country, we know how to catch fun as we always make a joke out of everything happening around us. That is how we forget the annoying issues we’re facing for some while.

I’ve always wanted to make people enjoy their time, and entertainment is one way to do so. Well, that’s how Orangecityz came to me.

The name Orangecityz was inspired by a 2002 American comedy movie, Orange County. (Even though I only saw one episode 🤷‍♂️).

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As the journey continued, I realised I was really interested in fashion and I’d go to Instagram and search on Fashion trends to see amazing fashion styles and gorgeous makeup on some faces.

I wondered how I could also write about fashion then I came across my favourite writer, Jennifer Uche Pedro. To cut the story short, she is the founder of BellaNaija. Most people don’t know her by name, as many bloggers are obsessed with Linda Ikeji. But it’s amazing to see how she writes content on fashion, entertainment and even weddings.

I became so curious and wanted to do things as she does and that’s how it expanded from Orangecityz to Glamcityz, which was created a year and a few months after Orangecityz was created (December 21st 2018).


Well, Glamcityz is still growing as it’s yet to reach its peak.

In 2019, was rated among the Top 100 Fashion Websites on the planet and also the Top 25 Fashion websites in Nigeria by FeedSpot

And in 2020, we started releasing our own Monthly digital magazine covers for each month as we gathered amazing models and friends to showcase their styles. On Glamcityz, every style matters.

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Though it has not been easy but as time pass by, we’re happy to see our readers engage with our content and we openly accept ideas from different individuals.

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Eguanimkwu Benjamin is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GlamCityz. A glamstyla, model and also a stylist. He is a huge lover of Louis Vuitton.




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