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Skin Care

Offset’s Essential Nighttime Skincare Routine: A Must-Watch for Beauty Enthusiasts!

Harper’s BAZAAR provides an exclusive on Offset’s nighttime skincare routine, including his steadfast use of tried-and-tested products, choice of women’s deodorant, and necessity of manicures.

Offset is spilling the tea on his no-nonsense nighttime skincare routine, featuring the OG products that have been his ride-or-die since high school.

This man’s been in the game for ages, so you know he’s onto something good. Harper’s BAZAAR got the exclusive, and Offset’s breaking it all down—how he tends to those iconic dreads, why he opts for women’s deodorant (sorry, gents), Cardi B’s cologne aversion, and the lowdown on why a manicure is a must.

Time to step up your nighttime game, guys!

Watch below

Feature image by Harper’s Bazaar/ YouTube

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