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OwambeisOnline Issue16 compress67


Owambe Is Online: Asoebi Styles For The Week – Issue 16

It’s Owambe season and slaying to the event is everything. Owambe is Online helps you in turning up in the best colour and style to a traditional wedding.

Owambe is Online is an edition created by Glamcityz Weddings , sharing all Asoebi beauty and styles inspos from weddings guest to owambe parties, traditional outfits and more.

How to get featured?

Getting featured is easy! Post your Owambe/Asoebi outfit on Instagram and tag us @glamcityzweddings also make use of our hashtag: #glamcityzweddings, #glamcityzasoebi, #owambeisonline.

Let get right into the photos! Here are our favourite Asoebi Styles for the week.

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Muse: @tj_bbygal_
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Muse: @styleconnaisseur
Outfit: @mae_otti
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Muse: @ronketiamiyu
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Muse: @kingronke
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Muse: @kwinrach
Makeup: @kim_beautystudio
Gele: @larrygele
Photography: @wale_visuals
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Make up by @olawande_mua
Dress @emaginebybukola
Photo captured by @boboiso
asoebi men 16411058571027721770344556691157482
decc62e1 876d 4c29 aeea 57278f57014a1759322487473314617
Muse: @diiadem
Dress: @emaginebybukola
Makeup: @kim_beautystudio
Gele: @larrygele
Photography: @wale_visuals
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Muse: @delonyii
asoebibella 16411056246515965741509068559221576
Mua @olawande_mua
Gele @khernys_touch
Asooke @bimmms24
Photographer @heraldstudeos
Bride @jessie.diala
Outfit @made.pieces
Event planner @crystalsbycheeevents
asoebiafrica 16411056979445462590808516142304016
Dress @veekeejames_official
Photographer @officialphotofreak
Makeup @jhulesb
Hair stylist @adefunkeee
Jewelry set @cherrysclassic
Shoes @aminahjillil
asoebi men 16411057977747222360322533659889265



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