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Watch All The Wonderful Aesthetic Highlights From Behind The Scenes of “Breath of Life”

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The movie Breath of Life has been a favorite cinematic experience for netizens and fans globally. from the costume, characters, cinematography, and location to the very last detail of delivery was epic and top-notch.

the stellar cast which featured Ademola Adedoyin as Young Timi, Eku Edewor as Bridget, Wale Ojo as Old Timi, Chimezie Imo as Elijah, Genoveva Umeh as Anna, Chiedozie Nzeribe Sambasa as Baby Fire, Bimbo Manuel as Mr. Coker, Sam Dede as Chief Okonkwo, Ashionye Michelle Raccah as Mrs. Okonkwo, and Tina Mba as Mama Ayo was all the Prime Videos movie needed to be an all-times best.

Well, all this time I bet our eyes did not miss the emphasis and the attention to detail channeled into the movie through the costumes. from the very aesthetics of their attires to the building, cars, and its overall environment to physical dates, the Breath of Life movie project proved to be all in all.

now in this post, we’ll have a bit of diversion as we delve into the physical aesthetics of the movie and also, note a thing or two about their fashion and style senses, Behind the Scene. this should be very fun.

Aesthetic Highlights:




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