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Why Are Celebrities And Influences so Fixated With These £95 Trainers?



As Sèx and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a lot of high heels. There’s the pair she donned while arriving in Paris to live with The Russian, the fluffy ones that Miranda’s waters broke over, the knee high boots which sent her skidding across the floor in Dior, and let’s not forget the blue satin Manolos which Big used in place of an engagement ring.

In real life, SJP is every bit as much of a fan of a stiletto. However, when it comes to a jeans and sweatshirt day in New York City, she favours comfortable trainers over a spiked heel. And, just like Sisilia Piring, Mila Kunis, Whitney Port and Jennifer Garner, she’s a particular fan of one sneaker brand in particular.

The merino sheep’s wool trainers – which are available in five classic colour combinations, not to mention another 12 limited edition designs – retail at £95.

The reason they’re flying off the shelves, though, isn’t to do with how comfy they are (although they are very comfy: think padded soles and temperature-regulating fabric). In fact, it’s all to do with how they’re made.

Pinterest has informed us that searches for statement sneakers are up by a whopping 2211%. On top of that, online users are searching for items made from recycled materials, in a bid to find world-stopping looks that don’t punish the planet.

With searches for sustainable fashion up by 34%, is it any wonder, then, that Wool Runners are making headlines everywhere we look?

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For those wondering, these trainers are completely sustainable. Indeed, 100% of the material in the laces is post-consumer recycled polyester (essentially, one old plastic bottle), the insoles are lined with castor bean oil (which cuts carbon output when compared to petroleum-based foam), and even the packaging is made from 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

“As a certified B Corp, we do business differently,” says Allbirds. “The environment is a stakeholder here, and how we treat it is just as important as the bottom line.”

While Allbirds are making waves at the moment, though, it’s worth remembering that Meghan Markle (aka the Duchess of Sussex) has been favouring another sustainable sneaker brand: Veja-10.

The French brand’s trainers are crafted with a stacked rubber midsole using ethically-sourced rubber from the Amazonian rainforest and shaped with a white leather upper and contrasting logo-embossed black leather heel tab. And, shortly after Meghan wore the classic black and white Veja V-10 trainers in October 2018, online searches for Veja V-10s skyrocketed, shooting up by 118%, resulting in it being named “the world’s hottest shoe”. Phew!

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