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Zeelicious Foods Take Us Down A Spicy Path On How To Make A “Healthy Pot Of Nigerian Stew”

Nigerian Stew is known widely to stage a fierce rivalry among that of other countries for its special taste and spicyness especially when we decide to play strong. From spice to chewy assortments, Nigerian stews top the rank among them all.

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Zeelicious Foods Take Us Down A Spicy Path On How To Make A "Healthy Pot Of Nigerian Stew"

Zeelicious Foods has us salivating and wanting for more with their chicken-themed “Healthy Pot Of Nigerian Stew” specially prepared with love and mastery and special additions like grilled chicken and a bit of palm oil to make a game changer and move out of the very ordinaries. They explored their options to no lengths as they added a bit of greens with African spinach; locally called Efo Tete known to be rich in Vitamins A, C, and E and is also known by many Nigerians as part of their cooking routine. To make things greener, spicier, and more enjoyable, the combo is well served with cooked white rice and fresh vegetable salad and this my friend, is a sure delight. 

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