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20 “Rich Aunty Vibe” Styles That Will Trend in 2024

20 RIch Aunty Vibe Styles by Glamcityz

Fashion today is constantly changing. One moment it’s here and later it is there. One of the styles that most ladies preferred to rock in 2023 was the popular “Bubu Style.”

The style is so classy and makes you look mature that people started to call it the “Rich Aunty Vibe” style. The style gives this relaxed and elegant look with a Gen-Z feel.

In previous years, this style was considered “basic,” and most people believed it reflected a poor background and lack of resources. Well, 2023 threw that idea down the drain when different styles were being rocked on social media. The style is so unique that it made its way to red carpets and fashion runways.

Interestingly, this outfit can be worn anywhere and on any occasion. The Bubu style is mostly attributed to Ankara fabric. This article will show you different “Bubu” aka “Rich Aunty Vibe” styles.

1.Kaftan Bubu With Front Slit

Rich aunty vibe
Photo: @ritadominic | Instagram

The Kaftan Bubu style name comes from the fabric/material (Kaftan) used in sewing it. This is one of the most sought-after styles that is perfect for weddings and for any other occasion that you know you want to dress maturely for.

From its extended silhouette to the subtle front opening and intricate design, this style exudes a lifestyle of luxury.

2. Ankara Print Rich Aunty Vibe Style With Bishop Sleeve

Rich aunty vibe style

This particular style is effortlessly blending relaxation, luxury, and beauty. Perfect for various occasions like girl’s hang-outs, anniversaries, weddings, and Nikah. A must-try for those embracing the rich aunty vibe trend.

3. V-Neck Rich Aunty Gown With Fringes

sharonooja Rich aunty vibe
Photo: @sharonooja | Instagram

Behold the epitome of top-notch rich aunty vibes—a gown that effortlessly complements any figure. This charming Bubu style is versatile for all occasions and stands out as the ultimate church outfit, perfect for single ladies aiming to captivate their crush. Embrace the wifey rich aunty Bubu look with this exquisite piece.

4. Tye-Dye Mid-Length Bubu

Bubu Style
Photo: @ankarazone

Embrace the simplicity of rich aunty gowns—effortlessly elegant and inherently luxurious. If long flowy gowns or shorts aren’t your style, the Mid-Length style strikes the perfect balance for that sophisticated feel.

5. Embroidered Boubou

Embroidered Boubou
Photo: @boubouqueens | Instagram

Indulge in the allure of this stunning rich aunty gown that effortlessly channels the elegance of a wealthy wife, exuding timeless class. The intricate embroidery not only enhances its beauty but ensures all eyes are on you.

6. Floral Bubu Style

mo bimpe
Photo: @mo_bimpe | Instagram

This gown is both luxurious and simple. Its unique design stands out, giving you the freedom to get creative with it.

7. Two Pattern Rich Aunty Gown

Two Parttern Rich Aunty Gown edited
20 "Rich Aunty Vibe" Styles That Will Trend in 2024 1

The two-toned rich aunty vibe bubu is a recent sensation, elevating fashionable bubus to new heights. Whether you opt for simplicity or full-on fancy, it’s the perfect choice. The use of a different fabric adds an extra touch of beauty to the gown.

8. Mani Neckline Bubu

Mani Neckline Bubu
Photo: @asam_wears | Instagram

Here’s another classy gown option that fits both formal and casual occasions. It’s a great choice for weddings, and it complements any body shape beautifully.

9. Butterfly Shaped Bubu

Tye Dye
Photo: @StudioConcierge

Rich aunty gowns are all the rage because they combine style with comfort—minimal effort, maximum chic.

This lovely style, known as the classic butterfly-shaped gown, maintains its shape effortlessly. Crafted from adire, a traditional fabric known for enhancing the beauty of maxi kaftan gowns, this rich aunty gown is a standout.

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10. Minimal Rich Aunty

Photo: @bouboukaftan | Instagram

If you are the type that likes to look minimal without too many colours, this is the perfect one for you. It is simple, yet significant. It’s not overly dramatic, yet it effortlessly gives you that rich aunty look. Plus, it’s a convenient choice for ladies, perfect for any occasion.

11. Vibrant Kaftan Rich Aunty Gown

Vibrant Bubu
Photo: @bouboukaftan | Instagram

Unlike the Minimal style, this is for those who want to be noticed, those who want to turn heads. This is the perfect style and colour for you.

12. ‘Emi Oga’ Bubu Style

Photo: @harleesha_ | Instagram

Emi Oga” which means “Spirit of the Boss,” is a term which is usually used by people in a relationship. If you are going to an event with your Husband or boyfriend, this is the perfect style for that occasion. It’s the quintessential highlight of rich aunty vibes gowns, striking the perfect balance between maxi and bubu styles.

13. Chiffon Frock Bubu

Chiffon Frock
Photo: @iamadunniade | Instagram

The chiffon frock combination makes it stand out, allowing you to slay in it for any occasion. Elegant and stylish, for those who never settle for a boring style, especially when it comes to rich aunty gowns.

14. Silk Bubu

Photo: @jackieaina | Instagram

This Bubu style has the power to make young girls look mature, and if that’s the vibe you’re going for, it’s the look to hop on. Its uniqueness effortlessly lends a luxurious aura, requiring minimal accessories to complete the look.

15 .Butterfly Agbada Bubu Gown

Photo: @chiomagoodhair | Instagram

As much as we adore the simplicity of the rich aunty maxi gown, this Agbada dress steals the show with its fabulous look. The intricate design paired with the stunning gold fabric elevates its beauty. Versatile in design and colour, it suits any shape and complements any skin tone.

16. Rich Aunty Shirt Dress

veekee james
Photo: @veekee_james | Instagram

The rich aunty vibe gowns know no bounds—check out this shirt dress that nails the classy and fancy rich aunty look. It’s the perfect outfit for vibing with the girls during your hangouts.

17. Embroidered Agbada Bubu

20 "Rich Aunty Vibe" Styles That Will Trend in 2024 2

This look screams “rich aunty” loud and clear. The subtle blend of colours avoids being too flashy, and the detailed embroidery in the agbada design adds sophistication. It’s a perfect choice for all traditional occasions, exuding elegance effortlessly.

18. Colourful Bubu

Green Bubu
Photo: @jemimaosunde | Instagram

This ensemble effortlessly makes a bold statement. The simplicity and vibrant colour are a perfect combination for that unmistakable rich aunty style.

19. Name Print Adire Bubu Style

Name Print
Photo: @adirestyles 

Having your name printed on Adire while styled as a rich aunty gown is a surefire way to look fancy and gorgeous. This cool outfit, paired with the sunglasses and head tie, adds an extra touch of elegance to the overall look.

20. Abaya Bubu Style

Photo: @realmercyaigbe | Instagram

If you’re ready to go all out with the rich aunty vibe, this Abaya gown is the epitome of luxury while providing the comfort to elegantly hit the dance floor when your favourite music plays. A traditional rich aunty vibes gown like this caters to various tastes in bubu styles—you can’t help but love it. Check out her page for more rich aunty gowns; her creative and unique styles are worth exploring.


In the world of fashion, the “Bubu Style” has transformed into the popular “Rich Aunty Vibe” in 2023. This style broke stereotypes and showcased its versatility on social media, red carpets, and runways.

This article features various Rich Aunty Vibe styles, each with its uniqueness. From the classic Kaftan Bubu to the vibrant Ankara Print, these styles redefine fashion.

The Bubu style, once considered basic, changed perceptions in 2023. Styles showcased on social media proved its uniqueness, even hitting red carpets.

In a changing fashion world, the Rich Aunty Vibe embraces comfort, elegance, and individuality—a trend worth celebrating. Looking ahead, it’s anticipated that this trend will continue to make waves in 2024.

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