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5 Healthy Detox Drinks For Glowing Skin

We eat a lot of things which we enjoy, but some of these things cause harm to our skin. To maintain a beautiful and classy look, a healthy-looking skin is paramount. Wearing all the nice clothes, shoes, perfumes and accessories without a healthy-looking skin makes no sense. 

Yes, we can’t stop eating everything we love eating, even when some pose as threats to the skin, but thankfully, there are healthy, natural drinks we can take to detoxify the body for beautiful-looking and glowing skin. We are what we eat, so skincare products which we shop from the stores won’t do all the work. For fresh and glowing skin, loading the body with nutritious drinks is essential and these drinks are definitely not difficult to make. 

We all know about water and it’s numerous benefits, but we would be listing other drinks you probably did not know. And yes, please drink water everyday, especially right after you wake up from bed. Also, these drinks are advisable to be taken in the mornings because our bodies need all the hydration and nutrients they can get after resting for hours in sleep.

Below is the list of these heathy drinks in no particular order:

1. Coffee

Detox Drinks
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Yes, coffee is believed to improve your skin, along with the fact that it boosts energy. According to research, coffee has the possibility of preventing damage from UV radiation, keeping cancer cells at bay. To avoid acne breakouts, go for unsweetened black coffee.

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2. Green Tea

Photo: Pexels

Everyone is aware that green tea is a well-known detox drink and without doubt, it deserves the feathers in its cap. A natural antioxidant, green tea works against inflammation and other factors that may pose as threats to a healthy skin. 

3. Aloe Vera Juice

If you are observant when it comes to your skincare products, you’ll know that aloe vera is an important ingredient in most of skincare products. Aloe Vera is widely used by skincare brands because of its anti-premature ageing properties, it keeps acne at bay and it gives the skin a healthy and youthful look. Packed with vitamins and minerals, aloe vera juice can be taken as a drink to help the skin and overall body from inside. 

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4. Ginger and Lemon Juice

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Lemon and ginger drink is a great antioxidant. Ginger has anti-bacterial properties and lemon in turn, has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which is effective in giving a more radiant skin. Lemon has vitamin C which which nurishes the skin and gives it a natural, healthy glow. To sweeten this drink if you desire, add honey to it.

Honey is another sweetheart to the skin. It has anti-inflammatory and and anti-bacterial agents which can aid in opening clogged pores. When the pores of the skin are clogged, they cause acne breakouts and honey helps in unclogging the skin and also reduces the build-up of oil on the skin. 

You can simply get a glass of water, cut up a lemon and extract the juice into the glass of water, add your grated ginger into the glass of water, add honey, stir and drink. 

5. Beetroot and Carrot Drink

Photo: Pexels

You want to improve metabolism and detoxify your body, achieving a healthy and radiant skin? This drink, packed with nutrients is the sure deal. This drink is liver-friendly. It improves the function of the liver, and the liver influences how the skin looks like, so a healthy drink good for the liver should be consumed. This drink helps in keeping acne away because it contains a great amount of antioxidants and hydrates the skin, giving it an awesome look. 

Simply peel one beetroot and two to three carrots, blend them with water and take. 


There are numerous healthy natural juices to take for health of the skin and the nurishment of the whole body, but we brought just five your way today, and hope that you try these recipes out and achieve that amazing outcome you want for your skin. 

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Jan-happiness Philip is a writer and an entrepreneur. She's a graduate of Architecture from Abia state university, Uturu. She loves writing fiction and enjoys creating content around beauty, lifestyle, fashion and personal development.




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