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Experience Love In Radiant White Wedding Pictures Of Adorable Couple Theophilus Sunday And Ashlee White

Renowned Gospel Singer Theophilus Sunday and his real estate expert bride, Ashlee White, have long mesmerized audiences with their enchanting love story. From the Pre-wedding pictures, Court, Traditional, and now even their White wedding, more netizens have held onto a good amount of Oxygen to sustain the rain of these breathtaking pixels.

Before their white wedding, the couple celebrated their traditional wedding, adorned in enchanting green-themed attire, a symbolic prelude to their enchanting journey.

Their recent white wedding photos continue to enthral, each frame oozing the essence of their glowing bond and leaving viewers eager to witness more from this extraordinary couple.

Check out these Adorable Pictures of Theophilus Sunday and his Wife Ashlee White below:

Photo Credit: kennedyamaku | Instagram



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